Pre-School Class

  • Age:2-3 years old
  • Organiser:First Little Step
  • Subject:Nursery



This is a foundation programme for children below 3 years old to prepare them for kindergarten. It designed to stimulate children’s physical, language, cognitive, emotional and social growth. After the completion of our programme, your child will not only be ready for the challenges of kindergarten interviews, but will also have a head-start as they progress to kindergarten.

• 師生比例: 1:8, 由外籍導師任教
• Class ratio 1:8
• Classes mainly conducted by native English speaking teachers
• 另有普通話獨立班, 培育孩子多種語言
• Mandarin classes available
• 增強孩子溝通及社交能力
• Developing children’s social skills
• 設有親子班,由家長陪同上課,適合新生報讀
• Classes with parents are also available, especially for new students
• 特設獨立班訓練孩子的自理能力及獨立性
• Independence and confidence training
• 派發「手冊」每星期填寫「評估報告」 ,讓家長清楚孩子學習進度
• Progress report and handbooks will be given to parents every week
• 每月設有一次生日會
• Monthly birthday party
• 報讀三個月可獲發「證書」
• Certificates will be given to students who have enrolled 3 months or more

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Pre School pRE NURSEY3