Trinity College London Drama and Speech programme
Trinity 證書課程

  • Age:2-3 years old3+ years old4+ years old
  • Organiser:Trinity
  • Subject:English


Trinity courses’ reputation rests on their continuing ability to provide respected qualifications both in the English language and across a growing range of disciplines in the performing arts. The early learning syllabus provides a structured framework designed to encourage the progressive development of integrated performance and communication skills over time.

  • English Foundation Programme
  • Objective: Encourage students to speak and listen English through stories, music, movements and flash cards .


  • Young Performers Certificate (YPC) (Group Exam)
  • Objective: Students who participate in YPC will be better equipped to speak English in public and will be more confident and persuasive in communications.


  • Speech Communication Arts (SCA) (Group Exam)
  • Objective: Aim to develop their capacity to relate to others appropriately, with ease, confidence and awareness, to develop their capacity to interpret expressively and project imaginatively, to develop their applied skills in speech communication arts.


  • Speech and Drama (Solo Exam)
  • Objective: Aim to develop an ongoing confidence, self-esteem and skill in verbal communication.Use of Drama games, improvisation, vocal & dramatic exercises, storytelling, as it encourages and promotes teamwork and individual work-self-motivation.


  • English Communication Skills (Solo Exam)
  • Objective: Verbal and non-verbal presentation will enable the listener to follow the thought process being presented. Students will be able to respond to questions aptly and accurately.
  • Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) (Solo Exam)
  • Objective: Sets practical objectives in listening and speaking with native English speaker. Improve the knowledge and accuracy in the use of grammatical, lexical and phonological items listed.

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