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Please meet our teachers!






Teacher Tom

Hello! My name is Teacher Tom. I have been part of First Little Step for 4 years now and I am currently working at the Olympic Station branch.

I took a break from teaching for one year to go on a long honeymoon around the world with my wife. I was very happy when First Little Step welcomed me back with open arms.

I love teaching and it is the kids who make me go to work smiling every day. I teach children in the age of 1 to 9 years old. I mainly teach phonics and reading and writing classes. The spontaneity and happiness of my students make me love my job!


Teacher Andrew

Hey! My name is Andrew, and I work as a teacher in First Little Step. I was born and raised in New York, and I first came to Hong Kong as an exchange student at CUHK. I have a Bachelor degree from Binghamton University in New York, and I have a CELTA English teaching certification from Cambridge University. My teaching experience includes over three years with children aged 10 months to 8 years old. I have also taught English at Liu Ming Choi primary school in Kennedy Town. Before working in Hong Kong, I taught English to adults in New York City, and Mainland China. I also have 5 years combined working experience with children as I was a camp counselor in New York. My hobbies include playing guitar, learning Cantonese,world peace, and taking long walks on the beach. I enjoy butterflies in the summer, and if I could be any animal, I would be an eagle, so I could soar high in the sky, and carry people upon my wings of love. My motto is, “when push comes to shove, we’ll conquer with love.”



Teacher Gail

“Looking at the world through the eyes of a child is the most precious moment anyone can have.” – Anonymous
My name is Teacher Gail. I am 29 years old. I graduated with a bachelor degree in Communication and Media, a vocational degree in pastoral care and a pre-masteral degree in Education. I focused in the field of media and marketing for a few years. Then I moved into the field of teaching. I started teaching ESL to both kids and adults. Then I tried my hand at teaching young children for sometimes. With the coming of my eldest child I took a back seat at teaching children but was still drawn to the teaching industry. I started teaching at a university and focused on educating university students in the field of media and communication. My family and I then decided to move to Hong Kong. With this move came the opportunity, once again for me to teach kids, which for me is still the most fulfilling job in the world. Today, I am a teacher here at First Little Step. I enjoy the chance to be able to help teach our kids and to see them grow-up and see a wonderful change in them as they continue to identify themselves in our world.

Teacher Sheila

My name is Hilarzuela Cosio Gabuya. I come from a musical background and family who are all talented in music. I have volunteered in many different programs including guest performing for Saint Caritas Church. Was once a full time entertainment singer. I have recorded an album and collaborated with various famous artists. I enjoyed singing yet decided to go to a different path and try for the early education field. I have more than three years experience on early childhood and is able to provide a safe learning environment for children. I enjoy spending time with children especially when teaching playgroups. I have a family of my own with a lovely 5 year old daughter named Bella.



大家好, 我叫周田田, 現任fls普通話老師。

我本科就讀於韓國高麗大學應用語言學專業, 期間接觸了兒童語言心理學, 幼兒語言病理學等各種小朋友語言習得與發展方面的理論與實踐, 並一直於韓國教授來自各國3-14歲不等的小朋友中文。

抱著從事教育工作的想法, 2014年我來到香港教育學院修讀語文教育碩士課程。如果說在韓國學習到的是「知識」, 那麼在碩士課程則讓我學習到的「如何傳授知識」。

由於喜歡小朋友更喜歡和小朋友相處的時光, 碩士課程結束之後我任教於國際幼稚園, 這段寶貴經歷讓我懂得如何與各年齡段的幼兒相處,如何使他們克服焦慮, 以及如何讓他們在課堂上感到快樂並集中精力。