Pre-Nursery Class

  • Age:1-2 years old
  • Organiser:First Little Step
  • Subject:Nursery



• 師生比例: 1:8

• 由外籍導師任教

• 課程設計涵接學前預備班教學內容

• 幫助孩子提前適應學前預備班模式

• 必須由一名家長陪同上課

• 每月設有一次生日會

• 報讀三個月可獲發「證書」


For 1-2 years old children, activities including music & movement, story time, art & crafts, sports, playtime and logical thinking. To help little ones with their concentration, language skills, motor skills and emotional stability. Tea time during the class enables kids to learn how to queue up and discipline, etc.

• Class ratio 1:8

• Program mainly conducted by native teachers

• As a preparation course for Pre-school program

• Introducing themes for Pre-school program

• One parent is allowed in class

• Monthly birthday party

• Certificates will be given to students whom have enrolled 3 months or more
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